Vitalinq 94W-15

The Vitalinq™ 94W is a wireless headset system making it possible to have two-way communication between up to nine users (more when custom configured) and has been designed to be used in environments such as those in an electrophysiology (EP) lab or anywhere where reliable communication between two or more individuals is necessary.

The wireless headsets used with the Vitalinq™ 94W provide DECT radio technology. Due to a dynamic adjustment of the transmission power, the DECT technology offers an increased transmission range, minimized radiation exposure, and good energy efficiency. Encrypted radio transmission provides maximum security for wireless communication.

Wireless system includes:

Vitalinq™ 94W console
Up to 9 headsets with base stations
Power supplies for each wireless base station
Console power cord
Operations manual

Setup of this system takes only minutes.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Excellent sound quality ensures optimum speech intelligibility
  • Roaming range up to 120 m / 400 ft from base

  • Long battery life. Up to 12 hours of talk time.
  • Quick link establishment between headset and base station

  • Noise canceling microphone for optimum speech intelligibility without annoying background noise
  • Narrowband or wideband audio performance up to 6,800 Hz

  • DECT™ adaptive power system automatically adjusts to save power

  • Narrowband or wideband audio performance up to 6,800 Hz