Vitalinq 94A-07

The Vitalinq™ 94A-07 Communication System is a combination intercom and music system designed for use in Cath, EP and IR labs. Unlike other communication systems, the Vitalinq was designed specifically for the uniquely active acoustic environment of a full-functioning procedure room – not adapted for it.

The result is a reliable system that provides a means for clear, highly intelligible voice communication between the operating and control room theaters of the lab. In addition to the outstanding performance of the intercom, there is an integrated stereo system to provide music in a variety of formats.

The Vitalinq 94A-07’s intercom system gathers and transmits speech in a highly efficient manner. By providing continuous two-way conversation, control room operators can respond immediately to physician requests. As the control room operator monitors vital signs, the physician can receive up-to-the-moment data on the patient’s condition. Physicians also appreciate not having to wear or touch any devices, leaving them free to perform the procedure unencumbered.

The music system is integrated into the console but separate from the intercom. The music system is equipped with FM radio, CD playback capability, and auxiliary and USB inputs enabling connection of devices such as MP3 players. Music can be played in both rooms or faded between the rooms to allow different listening volumes or no music at all.

Installation couldn’t be easier. Components are connected together using color-coded pre-terminated Ethernet cables.

IntertekThe Vitalinq 94A-07 complies with UL and CSA 60065 and bears the cETLus listing.

Vitalinq Model 94A-07 Cath Lab Intercom and music system

Key Features and Benefits

  • Continuous two-way communication throughout diagnostic and interventional procedures
  • Capable of picking up conversation in a normal tone of voice
  • Special microphones provide high voice intelligibility
  • Easily add wireless headsets for tech, scrub nurse and circulator nurse
  • Easily interface with telephone to allow seamless switching of headset between intercom and telephone
  • Provides music via separate ceiling speakers from multiple source formats
  • Special options available for EP rooms and difficult acoustic environments
  • Ease of installation
  • cETLus Listing
  • Designed and Assembled in USA