Wireless Communication Capabilities of the Vitalinq 94A-07

Wireless Nurse

The reliability of our wired microphones and corded headsets are unsurpassed. However, there are certain situations which make a wireless headset desirable. For instance, when a scrub or circulating nurse is active in the case. To fill this need, the Vitalinq provides the ability to connect up to two wireless headsets. All that is needed is a Vitalinq Wireless Nurse Adaptor cable and one or two wireless headsets. For this purpose, we use a Sennheiser DECT wireless headset.

​Wireless headsets that are connected to the Wireless Nurse jack (labeled YELLOW), provide two-way communication with each other and with any headset (corded or wireless) connected to a HEADSET jack on the front of the console (technician). However, they do not provide communication to or from the procedure room.

Control Room Technician

We’ve found that most technicians prefer to use a corded headset or the desk microphone, both of which we include with the standard system. If the control room technician would prefer to wear a wireless headset, this can also be accommodated. Simply plug a wireless headset into a HEADSET jack on the front of the console in place of the corded headset using a proprietary cable and DECT wireless headset. If desired, an additional wireless or corded headset can also be used in the other HEADSET jack on the front of the console to allow two technicians simultaneous communication with the procedure room.

Remote Console or MC-11 (Mini Console)

The Mini Console is a remote console that can be connected to the ethernet jack labeled “BLACK” on the rear of the Vitalinq 94A-07 console. This Mini Console allows a headset or desk microphone to be located at a distance from the 94A-07 console and replicates the intercom feature of the 94A-07 console. That is, to provide two-way communication with the procedure room. This remote location could be across the room from the main console or in an entirely different room. Note that if in a different room and the desk microphone is to be used, an additional communication speaker would need to be installed in order to hear the procedure room conversation. This is done by simply “daisy-chaining” it off one of the existing speakers in the procedure room. A wireless headset can also be used in place of a corded headset on the Remote Console. See Section 6 of the Vitalinq 94A-07 Operations and Installation Manual for additional information.

Please note that wireless headsets and adaptor cables are not included with the standard Vitalinq 94A-07 system.

Have questions regarding the capabilities of the Vitalinqs or using the Remote Console…contact us!