Vitalinq Music Module

For over 35 years, Vis-A-Vis has been designing and manufacturing the Vitalinq, a combination intercom and music system for use in clinical environments such as cardiac catheterization labs. The intercom feature of the system is known for its ease of use, reliability, and outstanding voice clarity. The built-in music system is valued as a tool for creating a calming environment for patients and staff. It should come as no surprise that hundreds of hospitals worldwide have the Vitalinq Cath Lab Communication System.

As wireless streaming of music grew in popularity, we were often asked the question, “why don’t you use a Bluetooth enabled stereo in the Vitalinq?”. We looked into replacing the type of stereo we used with a Bluetooth model. We quickly discovered user privacy issues such as contact sharing, phone call auto answering, and auto-pairing and music transfer. There were also form factor issues with the newer model stereos that would make it challenging to replace stereos in older Vitalinq systems should the need arise. We concluded that it was time to create a new music solution that addressed these concerns. We have, and we are pleased to announce the Vitalinq Music Module!

The Vitalinq Music Module will allow users to connect the devices they most commonly use for playing music; smartphones, tablets, computers, and devices such as satellite receivers. We have included an auxiliary line-in jack for devices that do not have Bluetooth capability. Either way, you can play high-quality audio from your music library, a music streaming service, or even your favorite radio station using one of the many available apps.

Vis-A-Vis prides itself on its reputation for outstanding customer service. As we developed the Vitalinq Music Module, we wanted to make it backward compatible so existing customers could upgrade or replace their stereo if needed. We also did not want the music side of the system to drive any changes to the intercom side. To this end, we designed the music module to fit into the existing stereo space of the Vitalinq 94A. By doing this, it will be backward compatible with all Vitalinq 94A consoles dating back to 2007!

Vitalinq Music Module
Vitalinq Music Module
Vitalinq 94A Music Module
Vitalinq 94A-07 console shown with Vitalinq Music Module

Key Features and Benefits of the Vitalinq 94A-07 with Music Module

  • Continuous two-way communication throughout diagnostic and interventional procedures
  • Capable of picking up conversation in a normal tone of voice
  • Special microphones provide high voice intelligibility
  • Easily add wireless headsets for tech, scrub nurse and circulator nurse
  • Provides music via separate ceiling speakers from multiple source formats
  • Special options available for EP rooms and difficult acoustic environments
  • Ease of installation
  • cETLus Listing
  • Designed and Assembled in USA

In summary, the same “bulletproof” intercom system now deployed in cardiac cath labs, electrophysiology labs, interventional radiology labs, and hybrid operating rooms around the globe will now wirelessly play audio from your favorite music streaming device!

The Vitalinq 94A-07 Cath Lab Communication System will begin shipping with the Vitalinq Music Module in the second quarter of 2022.

IntertekThe Vitalinq 94A-07 complies with UL and CSA 60065 and bears the cETLus listing.